Flavored Kombucha Wellness Drink


Strengthen your immune system and kick the blues with this powerful antioxidant ridden drink. This bubbly probiotic tea is filled enzymes for a happy gut. Especially made for the conscious consumer that likes a little flavor. Organic & unpasteurized. Gluten free. Vegan.

4 oz. containers

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Ingredients: Kombucha Culture- Tea, 100% Pure Agave, Fresh Pressed Ginger Juice (Organically Produced), Fresh Lemon Juice, (Organically Produced), Fresh Pineapple Juice (Organically Produced), Fresh Passion Fruit Syrup (Organically Produced), Fresh Lemon Balm (Organically Produced and Home Grown), Fresh Thyme (Organically Produced), Organic Dandelion Leaf Extract, 100% Pure Elderberry, Ashwagandha Root Powder and Organic and Sustainably Sourced Manuka Honey.


Blueberry, Ginger Guava


Single, Bundle (2)