Herbal Healing for



and Soul


“All of my handmade products are created with the idea that healing starts within. It is my personal belief that a sound mind is key to a healthy body. We all carry the power to become our highest self, but sometimes we may need extra care to blossom. “



I was inspired to create a line of products that spoke to the importance of self-care and wellness. I have always pride myself on staying grounded, providing peace and comfort to others and being a source of light. I wanted to send a little piece of my solace to you! I handpicked each essential ingredient with the intent of not only making you feel good but also being good for you. I created each collection (Jaded, Querent, and M.E) as a representation of three beautiful souls that fuel this dream. Herbal Accession’s mission is to spread comfort, healing and tranquility from me to you!  ♥️♥️♥️