Oh Sh*t! Infused Sugar Body Scrub


Enjoy this electrifying, yet soothing scrub as a daily exfoliating.

Cannabis is known to be beneficial in:

*Treating dry and irritated skin*Has major antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties

*High in Omega3 and *Cannabis extracts can also heal damage and boost elastin fibers, which results in smoother skin.

Once applied to skin, there is no risk that THC will go further than the skin level.

Smells of Sweet Almond and Sugar

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As part of our Querent collection, this sweet sugar body scrub will make you say “Oh Sh*t!” This scrub earned its name by its ingredients. Unrefined Brown SUGAR, All natural Makuna HONEY, INDICA Cannabis infused Coconut Oil, And TEA tree Oil. The ingredients are the acronyms!