Brittney is a Chicago native that has always carried a passion for providing peace to others, through counseling, support and care. She received her Bachelors degree in Psychology, in hopes of providing mental health services to young adolescents. She has also received her Masters in Health Communication in hopes, of teaching others the importance of health.

Positive well-being and maintaining a sense of peace of mind has always been a leading initiative for her.

Since a little girl, she has enjoyed mixing and creating her very own “masterpieces” and as an adult, she has continued to make creations as a personal hobby. Her brand, Herbal Accession, brings her passion, hobby and creatives to life with her blossoming line of relaxation and wellness products. Much like herself, Herbal Accession represents the individual looking to redefine the importance of self-care and taking control of ones own mind and well-being.