Infused Luxurious Lavender Oat Soak


Natural Aphrodisiac properties.

Founder’s Favorite

**contains 25mg THC per jar

Infused with Cannabis Indica strains. Cannabis indica strains have a “stone” effect, which gives off a relaxing, sedative feel. Best used in the evening or for inducing sleep.

Directions: It is recommended to use at least 1/2 jar for one tub full. You can use more depending on your preferred potency level. Fill tub with the warmest temperature of water to comfort. Pour Soak and allow 1 minute to dissolve. Add in lavender/herb bag to water. Soak for at least 20 minutes.


Pain? Swelling? Or Simply looking to reset and rewind? Immerse yourself in this luxurious soak made with oats, lavender, magnesium flakes and a proprietary herbal blend that will help melt your tension away and promote better relaxation.