Kombucha Infused Body Enhancing Soak


Filled with Hydrogen Peroxide, Body Healing Salts, Kombucha Packed Powerful Emollient and Powder and Dried Scoby.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is commonly used for consumption, to enhance health functions.

It best known for its revitalizing properties such as :

  • Reducing signs of aging by increasing elastin and collagen in skin.
  • Reducing skin damage due to harsh weather
  • adaptogenic properties
  • lightening dark and age spots
  • formulate a natural glow on the skin
  • kills fungi, yeast and bacteria on skin


Get all the benefits of Kombucha but for your skin! These soaks come in Mini single use size.

Rich with B Complex, Kombucha is excellent for toning skin, reliving skin inflammation and irritation, strengthen outer skin layer, antioxidant properties, soothe and protect.

Great for preparing skin for Winter’s cold and dry months